(not simple rooms)

Stay in classy apartments with: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and a balcony with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Excellent Location
(Near everything)

Next to the city, a beautiful beach, St. Raphael a mini market and everything else you will ever want

Family Friendly
(safe for children)

Large garden, safe playground, no traffic back entrance, shallow sea with soft sand.

(unbelievable price)

Our prices throughout all periods are honestly remarkable, we even have special offers for car owners.

The quality of our services with the comfort of our apartments combined with our unbelievable prices had us estimated from our customers with ratings from with near perfect (9,7 / 2017)

We thank them for choosing us for their stay, and their appreciation toward us and the staff, rating us this well.

We assure you that we won’t stop getting even better in all we are offering you (rooms and services).

The area of Pyrgoi Thermis was also rated near perfect (9,6 / 2017) because it really is ideal for all occasions.