The monastery of San Rafael, is located northeast 12 km from Mytilene. It is built on a hill named «Karies». The monastery was built in the post-Christian years. Remains of the era are available at: murals, red tiled floor, the gallery Agiasmata, the image of the Pantocrator (14th century), membrane leaf from the handwritten Bible and other valuable ecclesiastical items. Its monastic life is discerned in three periods: (a) by the 10th century until 1235, which is the year of destruction from pirate raid – last abbess of St. Olympia, (b) from 1433 to 1463 – a year of destruction by the Turks – last abbot of San Rafael and (c) from 1962 to today.

It is about a women monastery, which was built and operated in honor of St. Raphael. The holy relics were found in the area, along with the St. Nicholas and St. Irene, who testified in 1463. In the beggining the Catholic was erected, and then construction of cells, hostels and church of St. Mary Magdalene followed. The decoration of the monastery is a result of many contributions and donations from the Christian people .The committee of the Holy Metropolis of Mytilene has also contrubute to there effort. The inauguration of the monastery took place in 1969..

The monastery is under the watchful spiritual control of the Abbess Eugenia Kleidaras, one person with significant personal contribution in the field of theological studies and projects. The faith that is reflected in the namesakes of the Holy Monastery, Raphael, Nicholas and Irene has established her as pilgrimage in whole Greece.

One remark element is the natural environment, that surrounds the Monastery: rich characteristic montains of trees and spectacular views of the Aegean and Asia Minor coasts. The monastery now with some extra spaces is a small village in the area, which greatly contributes to the economic prosperity of the larger settlements with the massive influx of pilgrims, especially during spring and summer months.